Sales Meetings as a Service.

We are a white-label sales agency that helps online businesses get more sales through cold-email. We manually prospect and warm up leads and turn them into sales meetings.

We prospect. You close. Simple as that.


We are your outbound sales specialists

We have done tons of sales prospection. We know how to find contact information for virtually any professional out there. We have sent out thousands of cold emails and learnt from them. We know how to pitch ideas effectively in a way that triggers replies and heat leads up.

We build lists of potential clients

We manually prospect and pre-qualify leads that fit what you need. We focus on real decision-makers. You can see some (free to use) examples here and here.

We craft the perfect cold-email

We define an email strategy that effectively pitches your idea. We put special effort on a call to action that triggers replies and books meetings.

We handle the outreach

We take care of sending the emails for you, following up and handling the most common objections. 

We schedule meetings

Sit back and watch us fill your inbox with meeting requests from warm, pre-qualified leads.

We've helped our customers meet decision makers at:


Our pricing: 125 EUR/meeting


Only pay per booked meeting

100% white-labeled: We work under your company name and email address

We take care of follow ups and handling objections

You focus 100% on closing the deal

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Request a call back

Just leave us your contact info and we will get back to you to schedule a call. Please, include as much information as you can -this will help us prepare the meeting.

During this call, we will discuss the project you have in mind and what you are looking to accomplish. We will provide you with a pay-per-meeting quote after the call.